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a little About Us

More than producing and commercializing personal protection equipment, Marluvas seeks to build trustworthy relationship with each costumer looking for the indispensable safety of our products for their daily work or leisure. Because in order to offer protection it is necessary to consolidate trust beforehand. Our gloves and shoes are developed based on strict research to meet each professional area. All products are tested in our technical center, which has the most advanced technologies to ensure with comfortable, beautiful and state-of-the-art equipment to the market. Those features go together and contribute to every clients’ security. When it comes to contribution, all products and service offered by Marluvas are provided by a team committed to understanding the customer's needs, providing the deserved service and strengthening partnership relationships. This is in our DNA. Meet our products, certifications and our team ready to serve you. We are a leading company in the market and, since 1972, have been operating for the safety of those who support this country: workers. In your daily routine, count on us!

Our pillars


Producing and commercializing Professional Equipments contributing to the safety, health, comfort, leisure and productivity of our customers, respecting the environment and collaborating with our community growth.

Our vision

Being a business sustainability reference in professional equipment segment. .


Provide safety, health, comfort, leisure and productivity for our customers, being the best partnership option to our clients.

Quality policy

Being efficient in strategic management and in manufacturing and commercialization processes of professional shoes, ensuring a sustainable business, committing ourselves to meet the applicable requirements and the necessities of interested parts, thus promoting our growth through Quality Management System continuous improvements.

Our values


Build trust and credibility in the business;


Excellence in meeting our partners expectations.


Innovate in technology, products, processes and services to provide more comfort and satisfaction to the user


Be honest in all our actions to build relationships with transparency and reliability.


Having greater agility and punctuality in response time and service to our partners.


Prioritize and support the environment and the community with sustainability actions, providing the market with products that ensure the physical integrity of users.

know our trajectory

1972 The first step
Step by step, our journey fills us with pride. At the age of 16, Antônio Marcelo Arruda opens his gloves factory. Thus, the name of our brand appears a joint of the initials of the founder and the main article produced.
1976 A new path
Attentive to the market, Marluvas realizes the growing demand for safety shoes and starts to dedicate exclusively to the segment.
1982 Always pioneer
At the forefront of the segment, Marluvas manufactures its first footwear with PVC sole, a great evolution for the time.
1989 Getting down to work
This year began the construction of the new headquarters of the company in Dores de Campos (MG). A structure to measure up to the brand, which would become the market leader.
1994 Focus on quality
Determinated by the quality of the products, Marluvas installs its first technical laboratory, which contributes to the guarantee of all supplies used in the manufacture of shoes.
1997 Technology and evolution
Once again, the company invests in technology and innovation. On this date, production was fully updated with the dual density sole system, ensuring lighter and more resistant shoes.
1998 Listening to do better
Two important milestones in our history: the inauguration of the new headquarters and the implementation of the Customer Service Center, establishing a good foundation to strengthen the relationship with the different audiences.
2000 Recognized excellence
With the implementation of the quality system and the improvement of the organizational culture, Marluvas receives the ISO 9001 certificate for the first time, an international recognition.
2004 From Minas to the world
With a brand already established in the national market, the company starts exporting shoes, which attests the quality of the products and ensures visibility to Brazilian equipments.
2005 Mind the future
2007 Maximum protection
To ensure even more safety for different professionals, Marluvas brings composite technology to the Brazilian market.
2011 Expansion and development
2012 40 years of history
The company celebrates its anniversary with the launch of M Micro, a high-performance, beautiful and resistant microfiber.
2013 Change and grow
Marluvas updates its brand and takes new steps in its evolution: opening six units, implementing technologies and a new logistics system to ensure more efficiency in customer service.
2014 Conquering new lands
The company launches a new line of footwear, with innovative design and high-tech materials. Premier in M Micro wins the job market and the confidence of those who enjoy adventure sports.
2016 The journey continues
With the launches of Premier Plus, a high-tech line, and Flex Clean shoes, made of EVA, super light and flexible, Marluvas reaffirms its commitment to safety and portfolio diversity. Everything to meet the needs of each professional.
The brand enters the Construction segment starting its brilliant participation in FEICON. New partners, new markets, new achievements. A new trail of success.
A milestone year in the history of Marluvas. The brand reaches the top by winning first place in the Top Of Mind for Protection. This year, the Premier Composite lines are launched, bringing the most modern in safety and design to the market. The Vertentes Mais lines with affordable models and 100% in leather, and the Offshore boot, exclusive to the oil segment.
2020 Focus on the customer
Guided by the customer experience, Marluvas launches a new website, facelifits its social networks and structures new processes to strengthen the relationship with different audiences.

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