M Micro

The exclusive microfiber of Marluvas.


The technology in microfiber production has advanced a lot. Today, the material is the best substitute for leather, being used in the most diverse products, such as finishes of aircraft, sports materials, furniture, and now in your safety footwear. The advantages of microfiber are many. Resistant to water and chemicals, breathable and with excellent sweat absorption and desorption power.

And the best part: the material is much lighter and more flexible than leather. In addition, footwear produced in microfiber have higher index of durability and better mechanical resistance. The smooth print facilitates cleaning and sanitizing, avoiding the accumulation of residues and the proliferation of bacteria. Did you think of microfiber? Think M Micro.


Through the micropores on its surface, the M Micro enables perspiration, absorption and desorption of sweat.

More resistant

The footwear in M Micro has greater mechanical resistance than leather. In addition, microfiber is a chemical resistant material.

More comfortable

M Micro models are more flexible, lightweight and breathable, ideal for the comfort of your feet.

Easy to clean

The microfiber has a smoother surface, which prevents the accumulation of waste and facilitates its cleaning.


In addition to greater flexibility, a pair of microfiber footwear is lighter than a leather one.

Water resistant

The microfiber receives a treatment that makes it waterproof and inhibits the penetration of moisture.

High performance

Developed by means of technological researches carried out in Brazil and Europe, the shoes in M Micro are manufactured in PU Bidensidade soles and they have a system of impact absorption in the midsole and in the region of the heel.

Resistance to chemicals

production microfiber leather
ethyl acetate
sodium hydroxide solution 30%
acetic Acid (99±1%)
ammonia solution (25±1%)
hydrogen peroxide (30±1%)