Marluvas produces shoes that meet national and international standards. In order to maintain the quality and cost-effectiveness of the products, the company has a structure with state-of-the-art software and equipment that streamlines the development and manufacturing processes.

The models are developed from research, always seeking high performance, durability and design differentiation for each work area. There are several steps involved in the process.

For the development, new materials are searched that meet technical specifications like use, thickness, resistance and visual aspect, among others. The materials are submitted to laboratory tests and productive tests that evaluate their characteristics in real time. The development team also provides technical support to the production area to ensure product specifications and performance. It also keeps track of the steps, perfecting productive methods with focus on efficiency and high productivity.

The Research and Development department creates models with differentiated and personalized design. To meet the quality standards and the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets, the company has modernized its production mechanism.

In addition, Marluvas implemented a Quality Management System based on NBR ISO 9002:1994, with elaboration and documentation of procedures in accordance with the requirements of the standard. Thus, since 2000, the company has been certified by DNV – Det Norske Veritas Certificadora Ltda.

But the quality standard goes beyond.
– The equipment is controlled and inspected in all areas of the company, from the raw material to the final product.
– The correct handling of materials and equipment is considered from the arrival of the raw material until the shipment of the products.
– The storage of raw material and products is carried out according to the conditions and characteristics of each case, preserving the integrity and characteristics of the materials.
– The shoes are packed in plastic bags or in individual boxes, depending on the model. However, depending on particular needs, this standardization may change according to the customer’s request when purchasing the product.
– Appropriate methods are defined for the preservation and segregation of materials and products.
– After the final inspection, product quality assurance is ensured through documented procedures as far as Marluvas’ responsibility is concerned. When contractually specified, this protection is extended to the client.