Evolve to always stay ahead. This is how Marluvas has been working since 1972, bringing protection, innovation and comfort to workers.

Our shoes are developed according to the needs of each professional area, from rigorous and detailed surveys. All products are tested in our technical center, which has the most advanced technology to guarantee high performance, durability and design differentiation. With this, we have achieved the most important national and international approvals and certifications.

For Marluvas, the customer is always a priority. In addition to excellence in service, we have a technical assistance service that guides you regarding choosing, using and preserving the product. The relationship of proximity and care with the customer is one of the main responsible factors for the leadership of Marluvas in the professional footwear market.

Headquartered in Dores de Campos, Marluvas has eight more manufacturing units, which lead to employment and development in the countryside of Minas Gerais.

Marluvas Professional Shoes. The strenght of history.

Our History

Over 40 years ago, Marluvas was taking its first steps. Today, a leader in the professional footwear market, the company values and recognizes the importance of all the moments of its trajectory. Only those who can look back so proudly are capable of always moving forward and getting further.

Embark on our story


Dores de Campos

In 1989, Marluvas expanded its industrial park and built the unit where it is today. With strategic location in the highway of Dores de Campos, the headquarters is next to three important major cities: Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. They are 75 thousand square meters, of which 12 thousand are built. Currently, the unit employs approximately 960 direct employees and maintains a strong sales structure, with representatives in all regions of the country.

Capitão Enéas

Inaugurated on May 14, 2011, the factory has high production capacity, automation systems and state-of-the-art technology in an area of 12 thousand square meters. The unit, which represents a milestone for the company and for the city, contributes actively to the economic development and quality of life of the entire region. Thus, Marluvas continues to invest in the excellence of its products, in meeting the needs of its customers and in the well-being of its employees and the community.

Piedade do Rio Grande

Inaugurated on October 5, 2013, with the presence of the Governor Antônio Anastasia, of the Secretary of State for Economic Development Dorothea Werneck, mayors of the region and state and federal deputies, the Piedade do Rio Grande factory marks a time of expansion in the history of Marluvas, with the installation of six new units in the Campo das Vertentes region.


Inaugurated in October 2013, the Cruzília unit has about 177 employees.

São Vicente de Minas

The city of São Vicente de Minas received 74 new jobs with the arrival of Marluvas.


In Minduri, 170 new jobs were generated for the community.

Madre de Deus de Minas

Inaugurated at the end of 2013, the factory has about 75 employees.


Also inaugurated in 2013, the Prados unit generated 162 new jobs for the city.

Social and
Environmental Responsibility

Our Business is Protection. Even from Nature. Since 2005, Marluvas, in partnership with the Regional Education Superintendency, has carried out, in the public and private schools of the municipalities of Dores de Campos and Capitão Enéas, the project EDUCAM (Environmental Education Marluvas), showing the importance of preservation actions, from themes such as water, recycling, fauna and flora.

Another program that brings positive impacts to communities is recycling. The waste generated in the Marluvas units are separated, reused and receive the correct destination. The work is done in conjunction with licensed companies, ensuring standardization and efficiency. The collaborators also do their part, discarding waste in the selective collectors. Prior to the implementation of the Environmental Project, Marluvas allocated 100% of its waste to industrial landfills. Today, this percentage has fallen to 85% and the other 15% is sent to companies that recycle and reuse this raw material. PU (polyurethane) waste is reused in the manufacture of traditional footwear, and the foam in the making of plush and cushions.

Marluvas has Sewage Treatment Stations – ETEs – in all plants. In them, waste from the toilets and lavatories is treated. The treatment has daily supervision and physical-chemical analysis of effectiveness to ensure adequate follow-up.

Mission, vision
and values

Our mission:Produce and market professional footwear contributing to the safety, health and comfort of the worker, respecting the environment and collaborating with the growth of our community.

Our vision:To be a reference in business sustainability in the segment of professional footwear.

Our values:

Ethics: Build trust and credibility for the business.

Competence: Excellence in meeting the expectations of our partners.

Initiative: Innovate in technology, products, processes and services to provide more comfort and satisfaction to the user.

Honesty: Be sincere in all our actions to build relationships with transparency and reliability.

Commitment: To have more agility and punctuality in the time of response and service to our partners.

Responsibility: Prioritize and support the environment and the community with sustainability actions, making available to the market products that ensure the physical integrity of users.