Laboratory and Productive Process

Reference in technology

In order to maintain the high quality standard of its products, Marluvas maintains a complete laboratory, with evaluation systems for physical-mechanical tests and equipment for the analysis of restrictive substances. Both shoes and their components are tested. We evaluate performance in terms of quality, strength, impact, abrasion, among others.

The team of professionals is formed by technicians trained in laboratories accredited to the Ministry of Labor, ensuring the confidence of the reports issued. These documents are used as a reference for national and international certifications.


Follow the complete production of Marluvas safety footwear, from the arrival of the raw material to the final packaging.

1. Raw material

The leather is rigorously checked and selected. Marluvas only acquires first quality parts, according to the normative requirements.

2. Cut

The parts that constitute the leather are cut: the vamp, the pipes, the bead, the latch and the collar. Insoles and inner linings are also cut.

3. CA Engraving

Each part is crafted to be sewn. The footwear receives the Certificate of Approval (CA) number issued by the Ministry of Labor and, if necessary, the certificate of European and American entities.

4. Topstitching

With the parts prepared, the time comes for the topstitching, that is, the stitching. It should be made properly to ensure comfort, safety and durability.

5. Intermediate phase

The buttresses, eyelets and rivets, in addition to the mold of the curvature of the foot, are placed. The mounting insole also leads to identification of the production sheet, allowing the tracking of the footwear.

6. Assembly

In the assembly sector, the insole is fixed to the leather by means of the Strobel system. Now the mold is placed in the leather and safety equipment such as the toe cap and steel insole are also placed.

7. Abrading

After the assembly process, the footwear is abraded to receive the injection of the sole.

8. Injection of the sole

Already assembled, the leathers are placed in the injectors and receive, through the direct injection process, the bidirectional polyurethane soles.

9. Finishing

The molds are removed, the leather receives a layer of grease and is brushed, for greater durability. Immediately afterwards, the hygienic insoles are placed. Finally, the shoes are identified and packed for shipment.

10. Quality Control

Footwear is checked thoroughly before packaging.

11. Packaging

The last stage is the collective packaging. Throughout the process, Marluvas does its best to ensure consumer protection and maximum comfort.