ISO 9001

Since 2000, Marluvas has been certified by ISO 9001, a certificate of national and international recognition for the quality of our products and services, and the continuous efficiency of internal processes.


Our shoes are certified by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, an enabling body that ensures the conformity of products and services, proving to the market and the customers the rigor in the Marluvas manufacturing system.

Green Seal

In a survey carried out by the Environmental Journal of the State of São Paulo, in the area of Preservation and Environmental Education, Marluvas was a highlight, confirming that our business is protection. Even from nature.


Marluvas shoes are certified by the Comfort Seal of the Brazilian Institute of Technology of Leather, Footwear and Artifacts, a laboratory that performs mechanical tests of comfort and guarantees the quality, safety and high performance of footwear. In addition, we also participate in the Comfort and Health Program, and are accredited as a company that invests in Technology of Comfort and Technological Innovations. All this to ensure the best for our customers.